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Here’s everything you wanted to know before you start on your next copywriting project.

The Process, Fees and FAQs.

If you have not worked with a copywriter before, it is an easy, painless process.

The 9 Easy Steps to Copywriting Bliss


Step 1.  Scope of Work

 Here is where I learn about your project- all the nitty-gritty essence of your project.  Don’t be shy.  I need to know:

  • What type of business you are?
  • What type of copywriting you need – website, blog, white paper etc.
  • How many pages of copy are required?
  • Purpose of the document
  • Your target audience and the tone (formal, informal, authoritative, friendly, fun…)

Step 2.  Proposal 

From all the information I gathered in the initial scope of work, I will then provide a Proposal that outlines the details of the project and key deliverables. 

 The proposal will include the all-inclusive price… there are no hidden charges.  

 Delivery dates will be outlined in the Proposal- so you will know when you expect your copy. 


Step 3: 50% Upfront Deposit

 No one likes not getting paid for their work.  So  once you have agreed to the cost and Terms & Conditions, I will send you an invoice for 50% of the total price (If the project value is below $500- then I charge 100% upfront)

 Step 4:  Briefing

 I will send you a briefing document with all the information that I need to get started. 

If you could start completing and gathering the information before our meeting, then I can start on the ground running.

 Sometimes, I meet with clients in person (price included in the proposal), but most of the time I discuss the projects with clients by a telephone call or Skype.


Step 5: Magic Happens

 Also known as…. When the writing starts.   

Well, it’s not really magic but in a wink of an eye, you will have your first draft of the copy.


Step 6:  Drafts

 Projects quotes will include two rounds of revisions (unless otherwise stated in the proposal). 

 To keep the creative juices flowing and to keep the project on track.  I request that you send back any revisions within 14 days.  Sometimes life gets crazy – and if there are any problems you just have to drop me a line.


Step 7: Meeting (optional)

 Some clients like to meet face to face or have another Skype meeting.  That’s cool.  Just let me know and I will factor this in your Proposal (hourly rate + travel time).


Step 8: Final Payment

 When the job is complete, I will send you an invoice for the final amount.  Payment terms are 10 working days.  

 You receive the full copyright and intellectual property rights for any work delivered when the final payment is received.  The copy is yours to use as you please.


Step 9:  Bliss

 Now you are as happy as a clam. (for the record – I don’t know why clams are happy) I will ask you for a testimonial so that I can get more great clients like you.


Ready to Get Started?  All you need to do is click on the button below.  

So what is it going to Cost?

Well, you have probably noticed that there are no prices on this page.  A bit of a bummer.

But, every project is different.  Some projects need a lot of research and multiple pages of writing.  Other projects,  the clients have provided fantastic backgrounds and /or some copy, to begin with.

I believe it is best to give a personal proposal to clients to ensure that they get the best value for money.

Your detailed quote will include:


  • Briefing – whether we discuss the project by a 30 minute phone or Skype call (both free) or face-to-face (Brisbane only)
  • Research– I pride myself on being an efficient researcher.  No topic is too difficult.
  • Copywriting– This is my favourite part when I take all the ideas and research and craft them into an amazing document.
  • Two Rounds of Revisions– All projects include two rounds of revisions.
  • Final Proofreading

I do offer discounts on packages.  Ask me about discounts on weekly or monthly blog packages.


Questions, Questions, Questions.  

Here are some of the main questions that my clients ask in a handy-dandy list.  Better yet, click that button below and I can answer your question personally!

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words that persuade people to take some form of action – whether it’s buying your product, visiting your store or leaving a comment on your blog.  Copywriters can write all sort of documents for you: brochures, websites, white papers, journal articles, case studies, blogs- if it is written a copywriter can help.

Who are you?

Glad you asked.  You can jump over to my About Me page to find out all the gos.

But in a nutshell:

I am Tammy Ellis, a Brisbane-based freelance copywriter & Scientific Communicator.

I have worked for the last 20 years writing copy and I finally decided to launch my own copywriting business CollaborWrite Creative.  

I have a BSc (hons) and Master’s Degree in Biochemistry (Queen’s University Canada) and a PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Vienna.  My copywriting credentials (other the on-the-job hard yakka) are from the Australian Writer’s Centre.


Where do you hang your hat?

I am a global citizen – calling both Australia and Austria home!  I am currently based in Brisbane.  I work with clients all over Australia and the world!

Who do you work with?

The easy answer?  Anyone who needs high-quality writing. 

I have worked with researchers, technical companies, small businesses, travel, rental property & real estate management, sports companies and everything in between.

Can you write about my industry?

Yes!   I am an amazing researcher.  One of my favourite parts of my job is learning about new topics and industries.

Can I change the copy in the future?

Yes.  Once you pay the final invoice, you own all the copyright and intellectual property.  What this means is that you can modify, edit, turn the text upside down and backwards- if you please.

Do you offer discounts for bundles and packages?

Yes.  Just let me know what you need and I’ll let you know if I can offer a discount.

Does copywriting have anything to do with copyrighting?

Umm…no!    Copywriting is exciting!  Copyrighting (notice it’s “right” not write) involves the legal aspects around intellectual property (IP), copyrights and trademarks.  Copyrighting is important if you need to protect an idea or a brand.  If you need copyrighting- drop me a line and I can send you the details of a flash copyrighter (and mad baker)

Wow- this sounds fantastic- How do I start?

Glad you asked! 

Just click here and fill out the short contact form with your details and I will get back to you in a flash.

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